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No one wants to be caught in a rainstorm without a functioning umbrella. Whether the day is rainy or sunny, a reversible umbrella can come to your rescue and shield you’re from the harshness of weather. There are many reverse umbrella manufacturers who have come up with unique styles, designs and patterns to match the different needs of customers. So, finding an affordable, stylish and durable umbrella has never been easier. But how different is a reversible umbrella from a traditional umbrella? We find out in this reverse folding umbrella review.


What is a Reverse Umbrella?

It looks like a standard umbrella but its design allows it to be opened and closed in reverse. With reverse umbrellas, the wet side is usually on the inside when closed while the dry inner side is on the outside thereby collecting drips inside it. And to close it, you will have to pull it up rather than pulling it down like it is with a normal umbrella. You therefore don’t need to lift it way above peoples’ heads in the fear of poking their faces when you want to close it.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Reverse Umbrella


Canopy Material

Canopies are made of a variety of materials. Most often, canopies are made of ultra-high-density pongee fabric or 210T micro-weave fabric. Other times you may find canopies constructed out of polyester taffeta material or synthetic polymer fabric. These materials are waterproof and dries fast although pongee fabric is a more preferred option for its great durability and high quality.



For prolonged use and durability, choosing a reverse umbrella with a good quality frame is important. The frame should be strong enough and flexible as well to protect you in strong winds and storms. The frame could be made from metal, quality stainless steel, heavy-duty aluminium or premium fiberglass, some of the best materials in the industry. These materials are not prone to breaking when the canopy flips inside out and usually return to normal shape instantly.


Opening/ Closing mechanism

You can choose between manual and auto opening and closing reverse umbrellas. Those with no auto open/close release button are as good as those with it. However, in case of an unexpected downpour, you will need to open the umbrella as fast as possible which can be hard if your hands are full. That is why reverse umbrellas with auto open/close mechanism as the best because they can be launched with just one hand in one second.



You want to pick an umbrella that offer you the best grip especially if you are going to be carrying it often and for long periods of time. A good handle with great grip will be good for a bit of windy weather. Handles are available in different styles and constructed from different materials including wood, metal, leather and rubber. Rubber is however the most common material used in reverse umbrellas because it is soft to the touch and can be slip resistant. It might be worth also considering a C-shaped handle for more convenience.

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