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The most annoying part of using an umbrella is getting it into your car door without getting all wet. Not to mention if it is pouring heavily and your umbrella is all covered by water. This is where the idea of investing in the best reversible umbrella comes in. These types of umbrellas form a waterproof cone when closed allowing you to get in and out of your car or doorway without getting wet. They are very easy and convenient to use than traditional umbrellas. However, with reversible umbrellas getting more popular, it can be difficult to find the best umbrella that suits your needs. To help you, we have compiled a list of the best reversible umbrella options to choose from. The list was compiled in this particular order based on factors like quality, user-reviews and expert analysis.

1. iTrunk Double Layer Reverse Folding Umbrella

Available in black, daisy pink, blue sky and black newspaper colours, this is one of the best reversible umbrella options available. It can be used both in daylight and in raining. And no matter how strong the wind is, you will stay safe under this umbrella because of its windproof feature that prevents it from flipping inside out. The umbrella is well constructed with solid materials to withstand even a huge rainstorm. And in terms of affordability, it is pocket friendly.



  • Boasts the reverse design where the dry inner side of the umbrella comes on the outside when you are not using it to keep the wet side away. This helps prevent water from dripping thereby keeping the floors and cars dry.
  • Has a self-stand feature that allows it to stand up on its own when folded so that water can drain. You just need to look for a convenient space on the ground and leave it there.
  • Stylish and easy to grab C-Shaped handle. This design frees your hands in the rain allowing you to hold other things like a mobile, a baby or a bag when you are out and about.
  • Easy to operate button that is conveniently located. It is easy to latch and unlatch allowing you to lock and unlock your umbrella with little effort.
  • UV protection so you can use this best reversible umbrella to protect yourself from extreme sunlight.

2. DOLIROX Inverted Umbrella Windproof Reverse Folding Double Layer and Rain Protection Umbrella 

Featuring a high density waterproof material outside, this umbrella will keep you dry when you come from the rain with its well-thought-out reverse function. For convenient placement, this best reversible umbrella has the self-standing function which is a great feature when you have no place to prop the umbrella up against. It is well-priced with user-friendly features like its easy-to-operate push button design to complement its overall look. In addition, it comes in array of colours and prints to choose from including black purple, black orange, black red, black yellow plaid, black blue, black pink, black sky blue and pure black.



  • Includes C-styled EVA handle. It allows you to cross the handle over your arm to keep your hands free for holding anything you want.
  • Measuring 30.7” by 41.7” in length and in diameter respectively when open, this umbrella is big enough to accommodate at least two people comfortably.
  • Sturdy ribs reinforced by fiberglass material with durable aluminium alloy central rob. The ribs are therefore unbreakable and can withstand very strong winds.
  • Boast the international leading Nano waterproof technology to shelter you from even the heaviest downpour.

3. Bagail Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas Reverse Folding Umbrella

Constructed from durable pongee cloth and sturdy double layer electric ribs, this best reversible umbrella will serve you for many years to come. Its windproof effect is quite good and so are its sun protection abilities. Its inverted design on the other hands makes entering and exiting a car less of hassle. In addition, it makes a great umbrella for phone users as well as mothers because of its C-shaped handle that keeps your hands free for holding personal items. Though it lacks the lock and unlock button, it opens and closes easily.



  • Self standing design that allows the umbrella to stand up on its own when folded but not held tight by its Velcro close strap.
  • UV protection capabilities- its fabric boasts UPF 50+ and light transmittance of zero making it the best reversible umbrella on those sunny days.
  • Available in different colours to suit everyone’s needs including black, white dot, rainbow, red, red dot, blue, black dot, red flower and pink colours.
  • Includes one year warranty against material defect or manufacturing fault.
  • Measures 46 inches wide when open making it large enough for at least two people.

4. Glamore Creative Cars Reverse Umbrella 

Attached to this umbrella’s pole is an ergonomic C-type handle with comfort grip that moulds perfectly to your hand making it easy to hold. You can also use your arm instead to hold it while your hands are attending to something else. It is easy to use and opens effortlessly from top instead of the bottom given the fact that there is no button. It makes a great travel tool and is perfectly ideal for one person use.



  • Boast drip free and self-stand up feature that enables the umbrella to stand up on its own and drain out the water even when folded.
  • Well though-out reverse folding design allowing you to fold your wind resistant umbrella with the wet surface being inside and the dry surface on the outside. So, no more wetting surface.
  • Features double layer that is waterproof and well built. So, when it is pouring, you can relax knowing it makes clean and dry after soaking in rain.
  • Medium sized and comes in black and silver, blue and black, black, and black and silver colours.

5. The Smart-Brella 

Solid and compact, the Smart-Brella makes it a perfect wind resistant umbrella. It opens inside out leaving the wet side on the inside when closed so no soaking anything by accident. The top of this umbrella is constructed with pongee material (world’s best fabric) that provides two times more waterproof abilities and faster drying speeds. It is also windproof protecting you against harsh weather conditions.



  • Well-built and comfortable C-Shaped handle to allow you use your hands to hold other items while at the same time keeping you completely dry.
  • Fully reversible so you never get wet when you enter or leave your car and 8 ribs reinforced with fiberglass to enhance its windproof effects.
  • Boasts the hollow-out technology with spatial holes making it 2.7 times easier to open and close while still mitigating harsh wind effects by 57%.
  • It is self-standing just like most reversible umbrellas for easy storage.

6. Alink Inside Out Reverse Folding Umbrella 

Measuring 31.5 inches long by 3.25 inches wide when folded and 31.5 inches long by 42.5 inches in diameter when open, this is a full-size umbrella. It boasts ventilation holes in the underside to allow it to dry when folded. It is available in multi-colours and makes a perfect tool for your car and outdoor travel. This best reversible umbrella also features windproof and anti-UV capabilities to protect you from harsh UV rays. It will therefore make a great and very creative gift for your wife, parents or even friends.


  • C-Type handle that is frosted to provide for completely handless operation. This will enable you to carry your groceries and packages while using your phone in the rain.
  • Self standing and drip free design to make the umbrella freely stand on its own without any additional standing holder.
  • Constructed from double layer pongee cloth, sturdy carbon-fibre stick and eight-fibre bones. The materials are solid without being extra heavy to ensure adequate strength and stability in the wind. This umbrella will therefore remain strong even after many years of use.
  • Reverse folding design to trap the water on the inside when closed so it does not get you or the car floor wet.

7. MOZON Reversible Double Layer Umbrella

Featuring the popular and innovative inside-out design, MOZON Reversible Double Layer umbrella will keep you well sheltered under the rain. Its durable ribs boast high carbon fibre material with an aluminium alloy central rob. It measures 31.9 inches by 42.1 inches when open making it perfect for one or two persons. In addition, it comes with a pvc clear cover for easy storage when not in use.



  • C-type handle featuring rubberized plastic matte painting for a comfortable grip to make your hands free when you cross the handle over your arm.
  • Boasts breathable double-layer canopy to protect you against the wind, rain and UV rays at any time. It has UPF of 50+ and zero light transmittance.
  • Self stand-up design for easy storage while preventing things from being dripped on when you put it away.
  • Money back guarantee just in case the umbrella does not leave up to its quality and does not meet your needs satisfactorily.


Everyone hates being rained on. While there are many great reversible umbrellas from different manufacturers out there, few of them are of the best quality. The best reversible umbrella should be durable and sturdy enough to last you long while at the same time allowing you to get in and out of your car without being soaked. So, don’t get you or the floor all soaked up while you can invest in one of the best umbrella.

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